Hot Spring Spa & Pool is proud to be the leader in our part of the world when it comes to various services offered, both residential and commercial!
A view of a building


Prior to becoming the home for Hot Spring Spa & Pool Supply Company, the building was a temporary home of Phillips Supply Company (1980 - 1990), and prior to that, and going all the way back to its original construction in 1882, was the original home of the City of Portsmouth Fire Department.

A view of a building


In 1990, the building was recognized as a significant historical site and placed in the National Registry of Historical Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.


Since acquiring the building in 1994, the Vetter's have done extensive remodeling, both inside and out, while attempting to maintain the original charm and historical accuracy of the structure.

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642 Seventh Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662