About us

Hot Spring Spa & Pool is proud to be the leader in our part of the world when it comes to various services offered, both residential and commercial!

About Us

Hot Spring Spa & Pool Supply originally opened its doors way back in 1990 on a street corner in Downtown Portsmouth, OHIO. At that time, there were a couple of “mom and pops” who were selling a handful of supplies to pool owners in our area, but they seemed to be lacking in knowledge and true professionalism.


Prior to founding Hot Spring Spa & Pool, Dave had worked extensively in the commercial pool business and had mastered a firm understanding of water chemistry and what it takes to keep and maintain crystal clear water. He and his wife, Kathy, both lifelong residents of Portsmouth, wanted to share this knowledge, and set to work acquiring the best suppliers and products which were available for their new retail store venture. One of these suppliers selected was Watkins Manufacturing, the makers of the relatively new HOT SPRING Line of Spas, from whence the local company name was derived.


From this humble beginning, Hot Spring Spa & Pool was born! We have grown in leaps and bounds and presently conduct business out of a significantly historical Firehouse located on the corner of Seventh and Washington Streets in the Bonneyfiddle district of the downtown area.


With new competition popping up regularly, we have maintained our share of business over the past 28 years by operating under basic, honest principles. We have professional, highly trained technicians who constantly strive to produce the highest work quality possible. We are honest and trustworthy to the core, and NEVER try to sell a customer something they don’t want or need. We offer the highest quality service and merchandise, and do so at competitive prices. If you’ve been less than satisfied with your current pool or spa company, then I encourage you to give us a try… You’ll be glad you did!

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642 Seventh Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662